Frequently Asked Questions


+ How much will my kitchen cost?

That's a difficult one. Every kitchen is different - different size, different style, different worktops and different appliances. It's what makes your kitchen unique as it is customised to suit your needs and expectations. The only way to find out for sure is to come into one of our showrooms where we can create a design with you, select appliances which fit your needs and then provide you with a quote. If you have a budget in mind it speeds up the process and avoids disappointment - how about £5-10,000 or £15-20,000? If you can tell us this we can select the correct brand of furniture, worktops and appliances from the start. Don't forget our design service is free of charge.

+ Do you offer finance?

No, unfortunately we don't. We ask for the payment of your kitchen in stages, starting with a deposit.

+ Is delivery included in the cost?

Yes, delivery will be included in the cost. We will talk to you about what you would like included before we give you a quote.


+ Will I have to pay for your design work?

No, we offer a complimentary design and estimate service. We understand that sometimes you just don't know how much a new kitchen is going to cost, so we want to give you a chance to find out whether a new kitchen is an option, without the pressure of committing to anything.

+ How long does the design process take?

We are happy for the design process to take as long as it needs to until you are happy with your new kitchen layout. We quite regularly produce multiple layout options for our customers and always encourage new ideas.

+ What can I expect from my designer?

The first thing your designer will do is listen to your thoughts and ideas. He or she will ask you lots of questions, including details about your current kitchen, your expectations for your new kitchen, how you cook, who will use the kitchen etc. We will produce at least one design, but usually more alternatives are presented. These are done on the computer and will include plans, elevations and 3d images. Your designer will do their best to answer any questions you may have and will guide you through the process.


+ Do you sell appliances?

Yes, we do. We usually sell Gaggenau, Miele, Siemens, Bosch, Neff and Teka, however, if there is a specific appliance you are after, we can source this for you. We are displaying showrooms for Miele, Siemens and Bosch so we can offer very competitive prices for built-in appliances. We are happy to sell appliances only if you do not want to replace your kitchen.

+ Do you sell worktops?

Yes, we do. We sell granite, quartz, wood, glass, acrylic and laminate, all in a variety of colours, and all of which we hold samples. Brands include Silestone, Caesarstone, Corian, Spekva, Duropal, iGlass and Decoglaze. Sometimes people want to update their kitchen by just changing the worktop, but we have to stress that if you have tiles or glass above, removing the old worktop may damage these.

+ Can I try out the appliances?

Absolutely, we encourage this! Our Takeley showroom has Bosch and Miele on display and our Cuffley showroom has Siemens, Bora and Falmec. If there is a specific appliance you would like to see and we don't have if on display we will aim to find one on display elsewhere and arrange for you to view it.

+ What styles of kitchen do you sell?

We sell all styles of kitchens from handle-less minimalist to traditional shaker. Both of our showrooms display various styles and we invite you to have a look. If you have an image of a style you like please bring it along and we will do our best to find something in our range to match it.

+ Will you dispose of my old appliances?

Yes, we can dispose of your old appliances except the fridge-freezer.


+ Is installation included in the price?

Yes, if you would like an installation price we are happy to give you one. We base our installation price on location, additional work if required, size and complexity of your new kitchen.

+ Who will install my new kitchen?

One of our experienced fitters will install your new kitchen. We have a team of fitters we have used for years and have built a strong working relationship with them. We trust them to install your new kitchen to the high standard you expect, be polite, helpful and respect your home. You may want to fit the kitchen yourself, or maybe you have someone else in mind to install it, in which case we are happy to exclude an installation price from your quote.

+ Do I have to remove my old kithcen?

No. If we install your new kitchen we will remove your old kitchen, and this will be included in the installation cost. Unless we are told otherwise, we assume the old kitchen will not be re-used and is to be thrown away. If you would like it to be removed carefully so it can be re-used elsewhere (maybe in the garage or someone has bought your old kitchen) then the extra time required to remove the kitchen will incur an additional charge.

+ Who disposes with the rubbish?

We will dispose with all rubbish associated with removing the old kitchen and everything to do with us. This includes all our packaging, materials, your old kitchen and appliances (but not the fridge-freezer). For some projects a skip may be required otherwise our van is capable of removing rubbish.

+ How long will it take to install my new kitchen?

It is hard to be exact as all kitchens are different. It will depend on the size and complexity of the design and the materials used. We usually say to our customers that the project will last around four to five weeks from start to finish with the worst of the disruption in the first week or two. This is when your old kitchen is removed and any additional work is carried out prior to your new kitchen being installed. There are occasions when an installation may last a little longer if things are out of stock with the manufacturer, for example, or any items damaged on arrival need to be replaced. We always finish our projects and never walk away from one before its completed.

+ Who will oversee the installation?

Our installations manager will oversee the installation. He will keep in contact with the fitter to ensure the installation is going to plan. Your designer will be available to answer any questions you have along the way and ease any worries you may have.

+ What if there's a problem?

If there's a problem, please don't worry. Phone your designer in the first instance and he or she will advise you of the best step forward. It may be that your designer needs to speak to the installations team if there's an installation problem. Tell us as soon as you discover a problem to save delays in the long run.


+ Are there any guarantees or warranties?

All our products have a guarantee or warranty with them and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. We guarantee that we will come out to your kitchen to rectify any problems that might occur. We want to ensure that a product we have installed is fit for purpose and will stand the test of time.

+ Who do I contact if a problem develops after installation?

Sometimes after installation, when you have lived with your new kitchen for a while, minor alterations could be needed. For example, doors may need adjusting as they may have settled, and we are happy to rectify this. Sometimes, however, there is a more serious problem, and we ask that you contact us as soon as you discover it. Please be assured that we will assist you in any way possible. On rare occasions an appliance may malfunction. If this happens, we ask that you phone to let us know, and we advise that you contact the manufacturer directly (we have the phone numbers) and arrange for an engineer to visit your home. This is usually the most quick and efficient way rather than us contacting them on your behalf.

+ Where are your showrooms?

We have two showrooms in England. Our main showroom and warehouse is in Takeley, Essex near Stansted Airport. Our second showroom is in Cuffley, Hertfordshire, near Potters Bar. Both addresses and contact numbers can be found on our contacts page. Our Takeley showroom has free parking at the front. In Cuffley, there is free parking for 30 minutes at the front of the showroom and a pay-and-display car-park to the side. Each of our showrooms have a number of displays in a variety of styles. We also have a range of appliances and worktops on display, and both showrooms have fantastic coffee machines for that perfect coffee on arrival!